20 Of The Funniest Professional Sport Fails You Won’t Believe

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20 Of The Funniest Professional Sports Fails You Won’t Believe

The majority of the world watches sports – either live or on their television at home – and has a favorite team to root for while they do so. Unfortunately, even these professional stars tend to have a slip-up or two along the way. What is worse, however, is when those failures are caught on camera for everyone to relieve indefinitely. Most stars wouldn’t care, but some probably face the humiliation all the time. Here are twenty of the funniest fails to occur within the sports world.

Dropping the Ball

20 Of The Funniest Professional Sport Fails

The University of Utah’s star receiver, Kaelin Clay, literally dropped the ball last year on his way to a touchdown. The player ended up losing his grip on the football at the 1-yard line as he went into a premature celebration. Whoops.

Davis’ Touchdown Celebration Failure

Vernon Davis thought he was going to score a nice touchdown for his team, but people ended up just laughing instead of cheering. Davis ended up messing up his touchdown celebration, and everyone will remember it for quite some time.


Dancing Ref

Referee Joey Crawford made a horrible blocking call in 2012 during a basketball game, and then proceeded to break into a dance, which some are assuming was the Safety Dance. It was hilarious, and yet incredibly awkward, too.

Drunken Teletubby

Detroit Red Wing Riley Sheahan thought he was having some fun one weekend, but ended up getting pulled over and arrested for being “super drunk” while driving in a Teletubby costume. That’s the type of ordeal no one is going to forget ever.