10 Of The Funniest Costume Fails You’ll Ever See

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10 Of The Funniest Costume Fails You’ll Ever See

Costume play, or cosplay, is a hobby that many people around the world partake in. These individuals don costumes of their favorite characters in the hopes of winning awards, fame, or just for fun. There are quite a few ways one can go about creating a costume, and that usually depends on the effort and resources you want to put in. Some people go all-out in the costumes they create, painstakingly mimicking every minute detail, while others slap on a wig or bubble wrap in the hopes of looking somewhat similar to the fictional character. Here are some of the funniest costume fails we’ve ever seen!


This guy attempted to recreate Goku from Dragon Ball Z, but didn’t want to put in too much effort apart from a massive blonde wig that looks like Elsa’s.



Another character from the insanely popular manga series Dragon Ball Z has been created, and while a bit more effort is put in, we can’t help but see plenty of differences.