20 Of The Funniest Professional Sport Fails You Won’t Believe

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20 Of The Funniest Professional Sport Fails

‘Chink in the Armor’

ESPN editor Anthony Federico released a headline that read “Chink in the Armor” while referencing Jeremy Lin, an Asian basketball player. A firestorm was unleashed upon Federico, which ended with him being let go from the sports network.

‘Up Close and Personal’

For just $60, you and a friend had the opportunity to hang out with Dennis Rodman “up close and personal” to watch a Bulls game at a bar in downtown Chicago a few years back. Rodman certainly has fallen a long, long way since stardom.


Begging for Love

Rick Reilly, an ESPN analyst, was caught on camera begging his fellow co-anchors to give him a bit of love for a scoop he had posted on Twitter. It was definitely one of the most awkward moments to have been captured on the sports network.

Passed Out Airtime

Mike Francesca was doing so well, until he fell asleep on live television while speaking to WFAN’s Sweeny Murti. The interview took a turn for the worse when he began snoring during the entire process.