20 Of The Funniest Professional Sport Fails You Won’t Believe

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20 Of The Funniest Professional Sport Fails

Breaking Trophies

An Alabama player’s father took the fall for this one, unfortunately. The excited dad ended up breaking the championship trophy, which was a $30,000 Waterford crystal trophy. School officials worked with the American Football Coaches Association to get a replacement made.

Fumbled Punt Equals Super Bowl

49ers punt returner Kyle Williams fumbled a game-losing punt – his second fumble of the game – which ensured that the Giants – their competition – ended up in the 2011-12 NFC Championship Game. Williams won’t live this one down anytime soon.


Butt Failure

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ensured everyone was laughing at him as he ran head-first into offensive lineman Brandon Moore’s butt while on the field. It was a brilliant failure that everyone remembers quite well.

Attacking Mops

The Toronto Raptors may not be your favorite team, but they do occasionally make the headlines for some hilarious reason. Landry Fields tried to score, but ended up hitting the mop guy in the head instead of making it in the net.