Top 20 Funniest Chinese Knockoffs Of All Time

Top 20 Funniest Chinese Knockoffs Of All Time

China’s advent onto the world scene as a world economic power truly has been something to behold. Over the last 30 years the country has enjoyed staggering economic growth as the world’s most populous nation slowly becomes a modern economy full of McDonald’s restaurants, video game systems, and all the other products those in Western countries enjoy. However, this drastic change also has a dark side: In an attempt to deliver products to the masses at a low price, some of China’s factories have attempted to knock-off western products – often with hilarious results. That got us thinking, what are some of the funniest knock-offs, ever? What we found had us rolling, so without further ado here are the “Top 20 Funniest Chinese Knockoffs Of All Time.”

Sony Polystation

We can’t wait to take our new “Poly Machine” home and play a knock-off version of “Grand Theft Auto.”

“SQMY” Playstation Remote

If you loved the Sony Polystation for all your entertainment needs, then you’ll love the “SQMY” Playstation!

Why Buy Nike When You Can Buy “Hike”

Perhaps they’re trying to pitch these shoes as ideal for going on a hike?


Forget “Tide” detergent! Tids is just as good at half the price!

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