Check Out These Wild And Crazy Hair Styles!

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Check Out These Wild And Crazy Hair Styles!

When most us go to the hairdresser, we tend to keep it cheap and simple. We’re just there for a quick trim, a change of color or a new look entirely. But there are some who see the top of their head as more than just a patch where a lot of hair grows. To some, it’s a canvas on which to adorn some wild and wacky designs. Is it part of a bet? A bold statement? Who can say?

What we can say is that the following images portray some of the most interestingly bizarre hairstyles around. It just goes to show that while many of us take our hair for granted, there is so much more we can do with it if we have the imagination (or a really good stylist).

Animal Heads

As amazing as these styles look, it would be difficult to know which part of the person to maintain eye contact with when talking to them.


There are a few gecko hair cuts floating around the internet, but it was the bold colours and googly eyes that caught our attention in this image.