20 Of The Funniest Pictures Of Cats In Boxes

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20 Of The Funniest Pictures Of Cats In Boxes

Cats are famous for climbing into boxes, but you’d be shocked at some of the photos people have captured of their own cats in boxes, or box like things, like trashcans. Cats are very clever and flexible animals, and they are very agile. They can fit in almost any spot and their natural curiosity makes it imperative for them to check out boxes, including empty cereal containers. If you have a cat, you don’t need to spend tons of money on bedding or entertainment for them. Simply save them your boxes. If you are in need of a good laugh you are going to find it right here!

Who Wants A Plain Box?

You’ve seen cats in boxes, so why not find fun boxes for your cats, like this tank?

Size Doesn’t Matter

Cats don’t care how small a box is. If they can get in it they will.

Big Cats Like Boxes Too

Big or small, all cats love boxes. Some of them are just a little less graceful with theirs.

The Box Bed

Unlike dogs, cats don’t even need a fancy bed. Instead, a simple box will do.