20 Hilarious Photos Of Kids That Were Left Alone A Little Too Long

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20 Hilarious Photos Of Kids That Were Left Alone A Little Too Long

As parents, you never want to leave your kids home alone, even when they are 16 years old. However, sometimes you can get distracted with making dinner or a phone call and you take your eyes off your child for one minute. It is not bad parenting, but it can result in some hilarious disasters around the house. From the looks of it, no kids should ever be allowed to have markers! Check out these 20 photos of kids that had a little too much unsupervised time to make a huge mess!

Clown Face

It looks like this little girl was going for the clown look and did a pretty good job with it, but that is going to take a lot of work to clean off. However, look how proud she is of her work!


This family must have been doing some renovations in the house and these boys were just trying to help. The boys were left unattended for a while, as they did some pretty hardcore damage to that living room!


Dogs Aren’t Safe

No one is safe in the house! This dog nicely sits there and lets the kid draw on him. While it is a bad thing, how great of a dog is that?

Cats Either

The cats aren’t even safe! The kid was trying to give this cat a makeover, but they do not seem to like it. They did sit there and let the kid do it, but are definitely not amused.

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