20 Hilarious Examples Of Dog Grooming

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20 Hilarious Examples Of Dog Grooming

With the new cube grooming trend going on in Japan right now, it seems only fitting to take a look of some of the most strange, funny, and interesting grooming jobs that people have had done to their dogs. It’s surprising dogs haven’t started plotting against humans for all the things they put them through. The best ones seem to be those that have had their dog transformed into a completely different animal, however some of them are just downright crazy!

Buffalo Dog

Who knew a dog could look so much like a buffalo? Good thing she’s too small to be mistaken for a real buffalo, which make great burgers!

Is That a Chicken or a Dog?

Who knew poodles were so versatile? If you want more than a dog, get a poodle and have them groomed to look like a chicken. However, this dog won’t be laying any eggs or crowing in the morning.

Punk Dog

If Punky Brewster had been a dog and not a cute little girl with dimples, she would have been this dog!

Who Needs The Zoo?

With a dog that can pass for a giraffe, who needs to ever go to the zoo again?