20 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Marilyn Monroe

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20 Crazy Things You Never Knew About Marilyn Monroe

She Whitened Her Skin With Hormone Cream

Unlike today, when Marilyn Monroe was around, it was considered beautiful to have pale skin. To go with her trademark blond locks, the actress whitened the skin on her face, hoping to lighten the hair that ran down the side of her cheek.

She Was Never Nominated For An Academy Award

Despite her place in the history books and her vast filmography, Marilyn Monroe was never nominated for an Oscar award. Whilst she claimed multiple beauty nominations, she never made a splash in the big leagues.

She Was The Most Advertised Girl In The World

In 1953, Marilyn Monroe was named as “The Most Advertised Girl In The World”, holding up deals with American Airlines, Royal Triton Oil, Pabst Beer and Tan-Tan Suntan Lotion, among others.

She Was Obsessed With Clark Gable

Despite her bombshell status, Marilyn Monroe had a few unrequited crushes of her own, one of which was the celebrated actor Clark Gable. When he died, she is reported to have cried for two days straight.