19 Ways Your Diet Buddy Is Your Friend For Life

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19 Ways Your Diet Buddy Is Your Friend For Life

Extreme diets are always challenging. One of the most challenging is the juice cleanse. You will learn a whole new definition of hunger and many of your friends and co-workers won’t understand why you’re putting yourself through hell. That is the reason why many people who do the juice cleanse have to do it with a partner. After going through something like a cleanse together, you will never be apart. Here are 19 reason why you are going to be BFF’s.

No One Else Understands Why You’d Do This

While everyone else looks at you like you’re crazy, your partner gives a knowing, supportive look as she takes a sip of juice.

You Get To Ride Your High Horses Together

Those who you talk to keep saying, “I could never do that“, and it gets to your head. You both know you’re doing the impossible. Therefore, you’re better than all those puny mortals who can’t do it, right?

Your Partner Will Be The Only One Who Cares

While the vegetables do start talking to you, your partner genuinely cares.

You Can Be A Role Model For Each Other

As you see your partner succeed, you start to believe that maybe you can do it to.