15 Things You Didnt Know About Paleo

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As people look for more and more ways to lose weight, get fit and follow the right diet, whatever the hell that means they eventually come across paleo lifestyles. Theres plenty of misconceptions of paleo and what it is and what it isnt. Lets explore that here! Here we hav: 15 things you didnt know about paleo.

15. Its Not Low Carb

People think that Paleo means having to eat a thin wafers worth of bread each and every day and not a grain more. Thats simply not true. It turns out our ancestors ate a good 30-40% carbs each day!

14. Paleo Isnt a Diet

Lets get his out of the way right here and now. Paleo isnt so much a diet to follow with meals, running and that. Its actually more of a guideline to follow and is actually a lot more flexible than people think to know.

13. Its Not One-Size

Like all lifestyle changes, Paleo isnt a one size fits all solution to anyones particular weight or health issues. There are many options and many scenarios to consider and go about when deciding to follow paleo.

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