15 Best Netflix Movies That You Haven’t Seen

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15 Best Netflix Movies That You Haven’t Seen

We’ve all been through the same scenario when browsing through the Netflix catalog. There’s a ton of great TV series to binge watch, but you’re really not in the mood to start something new. You want to find a movie that won’t take much time, but most of the movies you’ve never heard of or don’t really want to see.

Believe it or not, there’s a number of great movies available on demand that haven’t received much advertising, but are definitely worth your time to check out. Here’s a quick list that’s currently available.

Short Tern 12 (2013)

A tremendous indie drama that’s received 8 out of 10 overall at IMDB. It follows the life of two people that help at-risk children in foster care and are also preparing for their upcoming marriage.

In A World…; (2013)

Lake Bell wrote, directed, and starred in this coming of age comedy that features a woman that tries to make it in the voiceover world amid all the challenges thrown her way.

All Is Lost (2013)

Robert Redford puts in a tremendous solo act in this critically acclaimed drama. An unknown man collides with another ship in the ocean and fights for survival.