10 Tacky Tourist Photos to Watch Out For

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There are always travel advisories, news stories and rumors to scare us out of visiting certain places around the big bad world. If we take all of them to heart, we might never go anywhere. But us brave and adventurous types often throw caution to the wind and venture forth anyway. More often than not, these journeys are without incident and lead to those kind of serendipitous, enriching experiences that only travel can bring. However, there are some hotspots on the globe that really do pose a credible threat to health, safety and well-being at the moment. Now is not the time to go cowboy and take an unnecessary risky trip. Here’s a list of some of the top dangerous cities that are worthy of a visit someday, but are best avoided right now.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

This second largest city in Honduras has the unfortunate “honor” of being the world’s most violent city. As a center for arms and drug trafficking, San Pedro Sula has imploded with widespread gang wars. This combined with poverty, corruption and lax gun laws has lead to alarming homicide rates. Mass shootings, massacres, military coups, violent protests and prison riots have filled the news these past few years. It’s a real shame, because Honduras as a whole has a rich natural and cultural heritage that is brimming with tourism potential. Its Mayan ruins, Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, colonial villages and exceptional diving are tempting to explore. More tourist dollars could help the local economy and, in theory, reduce crime. But until this horrendous violence quells, consider San Pedro Sula one of the top dangerous cities to stay clear of for the time being.