10 Funny Illustrations Showing How Times Have Changed

10 Funny Illustrations Showing How Times Have Changed

Times are always changing. Whether you like it or not, in just twenty years everything you consider cool today will be old-school. Especially with the coming of the internet and the integration of mobile technology into our lives, in just a couple of decades the world has become an extremely different place. Kids prefer to play in their house, rather than outside, we take off our headphones to greet someone, not our hats. With that in mind we’ve gathered a collection of 10 of the most hilarious and funny illustrations that show how exactly times have changed over the years. Without further adieu, here they are!

TVs then and Now

Most people with cats reading this probably don’t remember, but back when TVs were not slim as they are now, cats used to lie on them! And you were wondering why they are now lying on your face!

Cats Then and Now

Cats are learning to be tech-savvy too. There is no more yarn, but at least there are phones.

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