10 Awesome Google Tricks And Easter Eggs

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10 Awesome Google Tricks And Easter Eggs

The designers at Google have long been considered self-professed nerds, but that has not yet stepped them from having a serious sense of humor. Along the the billions of items searchable through the engine, users can also scour through hidden tricks, hoaxes, and Easter eggs that Google designers have implemented themselves. If you’ve ever been frustrated with the transit options on Google Maps, for example, the search engine will offer you a dragon in some cases. Some of these are quite cool. Here are ten awesome Google tricks and Easter eggs.

I’m Feeling Lucky

The iconic “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google’s interface will actually bring up past doodles, which are what the logo has been changed to in the past.


Google is capable of kerning for you, which is the process of adjusting the space between each letter on a typewriter. Simply search “kerning” to accomplish this feat.

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