20 Hilarious Photos Proving Cats Want Humans Dead

Cats are some of the very best pets a human can have within their home. At least that statement is true for the first few weeks, just before the cat learns your habits, your schedule, and exactly the best options available to destroy your life and your entire humble abode. A cat wants you to believe they’re furry, cute, and loving, but in reality they really don’t care about you in the least bit. In fact, a cat has complete animosity towards its surroundings more often than not.

Veni Vidi Vici

Sometimes people make really nice dinners in the hopes of entertaining their friends and family over a lovely evening. Instead, your pet cat has another plan in mind when they discover the table is all set with delicious looking turkey and other meats. That cat is now the sole owner of said food, so you had better not cross him.


Prepare Yourself!

The backyard has a lot of interesting happenings, including birds, bugs, small children, large, grown adults, and perhaps even a small dog or two. A cat will find this hunting ground to be the ideal spot to perfect their catch and release methods, or maybe they will just practice their ambush tactics before messing with you in the middle of the night.

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