Police sketches are helpful in helping the police identify and search for a suspect. A composite sketch is done after questioning witnesses on physical details and attributes of the wanted man (or woman), in order to narrow down their search.

In some cases however police sketch artists are not particularly skilled at drawing. Sketching take some talent, but not everyone is given the talent to draw a face precisely. Although employed as professional sketch artists, some of them just arent that good at their job…

Here are some of the 16 funniest police sketch fails that will make you scratch your head on how they were able to find the suspects. Enjoy.

Epic Hair

This suspect looks like he murdered an animal and hid it on top of his head as a wig.

Marios Third Brother

He looks like Mario and Luigis long lost brother!

They Got Him Right

Amazingly, the police were able to catch the man with this sketch! They look nothing alike to us, but they were able to find Joseph Weir and convicted him of bank robbery with a 32 year sentence in jail.

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