Traveling across this vast world is getting easier and easier everyday thanks to the efforts of some truly intrepid (or truly daft) engineers. Since the beginning of time, these crazy people have worked some real magic with numbers, architecture, and engineering to span some really jaw-dropping (and pants wetting) expanses. Sure, people have to get from one place to another, but looking at some of these bridges you have to wonder if there wasn’t a better direction that could have been taken. Here, for your consideration, are 13 of the world’s scariest bridges.

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Coming up on nearly 100 years in use, the Royal Gorge Bridge was built on the cheap in 1929. Up until the turn of the new millennium, this bad boy was the highest suspension bridge in the world, dangling precariously 956 feet above the Arkansas River. Dummies from across the world have flocked to the bridge to bungee jump or parachute from the bridge, including one poor fool, “in a wingsuit who attempted to fly over the bridge in 2003 but ran into a pylon, and was instantly killed.”

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