20 Hilarious Starbucks Name Fails

Starbucks has made a name for themselves by selling some amazing coffee drinks, but they also have made a name for themselves for their workers totally screwing up the names they write on the coffee cups. If you didn’t know, you place order with the barista and they proceed to write it down on the cup and ask for your name, so your cup doesn’t get mixed in with the others. They either need Q-Tips or an English class, as they totally mess up the names and some of them are incredibly epic. Check out the 20 best Starbucks name fails below!


Sure, if you sound it out, it sounds like it. However, has this person never spelled out the name Amy before? It is three letters and they still managed to screw it up!


Apparently the baristas hear the names, sound them out in their head and then just spell out what they think it sounds like. It’s a good attempt, but still deserves a head slap for being dumb.

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