20 Group Painting Class Fails That Will Crack You Up

One of the popular trends going on right now is group painting classes. For most of these classes, they involve you recreating the same piece of art while drinking a bottle of wine. It sounds like a good time to us, but some of these people took it a little too far and maybe should have put that bottle down while they finished their piece of art. We found 20 group painting class fails that will have you cracking up by the time you make it to the end of the list!

Keep It Simple

While everyone else in the class knew they were painting a martini glass and shaker, the girl on the right got a little confused by it all. Instead, she just paints colored circles and simplifies it!

Bright Lights

Maybe a UFO came and attacked that one painting? We don’t know what is happening there, but they were definitely looking at a different photo!


We love this one and it is probably one of our favorites on the list. We are thinking that this guy’s wife dragged him to the painting class and while she was not taking no for an answer, he was going to paint it to make it very clear!


We love how he is holding that painting up loud and proud! Everyone else was painting a tree during the night and he just went with the Batman symbol, but in the same color scheme.

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