20 Funny Pictures Of Fruits And Vegetables

Our obsession with beauty does not merely extend to other people, but also to the things we own and consume. This is why we need our electronic gadgets to look good and even our food to look appealing. This particular brand of bias is largely responsible for the wastage of nearly one-third of the global resources. Farmers are constantly being forced to throw any many fruits and vegetables simply because they do not look appealing enough to make the display. When we throw away these seemingly unwanted fruits and vegetables, we miss the glorious chance of finding rare but hilarious shapes in these fruits/vegetables, such as the 20 photographs featured on this list.

Nocturnal Apple

This apple seems to be making the owl uncomfortable with its likeliness.

Winter Is Coming

The stalk of this Pumpkin looks awfully ominous. Perhaps winter is on its way

Chicken Little

This amazing strawberry looks like it really wanted to be a chicken

Hip-Hop Carrot

This is one super-fly carrot, right down to the gangster hairstyle.

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