20 Adorable Photos Of Pets Who Still Love Their Old Toys

He’s Hugging His Toy Pig

Maybe this kitten only hugs his little pink pig when his owner takes a picture of him, either way the cat looks too big now. Is it just us or does the bottom image look like The Grumpy Cat smiling?

Did He Like It When He Was Younger?

This kitten has gone from keeping its distance to sleeping with his toy frog. It looks like he’s outgrown his bed, too.

All Kittens Love String

All kittens love string, but this one seems to love it the most. While he doesn’t look too amused when he was younger, he’s loving it now.

The Old, Dirty Toy Still Gets Love

While it appears as if the puppy got a new teddy when he was older, the fact that he still sleeps with it is extremely adorable.

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