20 Adorable Photos Of Pets Who Still Love Their Old Toys

Everyone has had a pet that has a favorite toy, there’s dogs that have favorite balls, or favorite teddies. Like dogs, kittens may have their favorite teddies, or maybe even some string or a box. Some of these pets get their toys when they are very young, others when they are older. Regardless of their age, they still love their toys that their owners have given them. Here’s a list we’ve put together of 20 kittens and puppies, all grown up, who still love their favorite toys.

Battle With The Crocodile

Having a crocodile battle can be some nasty stuff, however for kittens, apparently it’s pretty easy to win.

Old Puppy Toy

It’s easy to see that this puppy has had his toy for quite some time now. If you look close enough, the hands and feet of the toy have been ripped open. It’s adorable how he’s kept the same toy throughout the years.

Which One’s The Puppy?

When you first look at this image, it’s hard to distinguish which is the toy panda and which is the puppy. Regardless, it’s an extremely cute picture.

Still Sleeping With His Duck

This kitten hugging his little duck is extremely adorable, especially since he’s kept his and still hugs it while he naps.

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