15 Cool And Crazy Products You Can Buy Online

Dog Mullet Headband

Remember how sexy the mullet hairstyle looked on men back in the day? Of course you don’t…; this was never a good look.

Well, sadly, people are now inflicting this fashion no-no on their dogs, via the dog mullet headband. This can be found on Amazon for around $7.

Fox Urine

Apparently fox urine is good for keeping rabbits away from your garden. And, since the chances of catching a fox and acquiring its urine on your own is slim to none, you can just order it online. PredatorPee sells this product for $17.95.

Ice Cream Lock

I applaud Ben and Jerrys for inventing this clever contraption. I mean who wants to share their delicious ice cream anyway? For $28 on Amazon, you too can keep your yummy treat locked away from greedy familiar members, friends and roommates.

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