15 Cool And Crazy Products You Can Buy Online

UFO Detector

If you believe in aliens, this UFO detector might be exactly what you need to finally snag one. I only hope it tells you what to do if you actually detect one. My advice- RUN!

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

The Emergency Underpants Dispenser comes in a 4″ tall box that looks like a tissue box.

However, instead of tissues it contains 5 pairs of disposable, unisex underpants. A website called McPhee sells these ‘grab-n-go’ underwear for $6.95.

Mug Muscles

Now you can drink beer and build muscle all at the same time thanks to mug muscles. In case you’re wondering, this is a beer mug with a built-in grip exerciser. You can find this clever contraption on Amazon for around $15.

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