14 Of The Funniest Tweets From Celebrity Dads

Dads hold a special place in the hearts of their children, and when it comes to celebrity dads, they also hold a special place in their fans’ hearts, too. Some of these dads post tweets about life as a father, or just life in general, that are so funny and cute that even non-fans end up being converted. Twitter is an awesome platform for reaching a whole lot of people at once, and with cute tweets like these, they go viral in no time. Here are 14 of the funniest tweets celebrity dads have ever posted.

Dax Shepard

Actor Dax Shepard tweeted this birth announcement for his daughter, Lincoln, and while it certainly wasn’t the most sentimental, it sure was funny.

Jimmy Fallon

The talk-show host and father of two has basically nailed how everyone feels after seeing an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Rainn Wilson

Rainn Wilson is best known for his role on The Office, and this funny dad of one feels the same way about fruit stickers as the rest of the world.

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