7. Adult Coloring Book
Who said coloring was just for kids? It’s a very calming activity that grown-ups and benefit from too. Don’t worry – there aren’t scenes from the Teletubbies. Perfect for snarky adults with a weird sense of humor. Includes abstractly beautiful illustrations paired with sassy captions. There is some grown-up lingo, so keep it away from the kids!

08. Stress Box
Give yourself a gift with this mini spa in a box. Set yourself up for the most peaceful night ever as you soak in the provided dead sea salts, rub on the sleep-aid massage oil, and light the anti-anxiety candle. The healing nature of the dead sea salts and the other products should provide you with deep, uninterrupted sleep.

09. Sona Bracelet for Mind and Body
This smart bracelet uses futuristic heart-rate monitoring and meditation technology. The bracelet will guide you through meditation exercises which will chill out your breathing and in turn help your body respond quicker and more efficiently to stress. Plus, it provides personalized advice just for you and your habits! Pricey, but worth it.

10. Human Face Anti-stress Balls
Ok, we know we already threw a jumbo stress ball in here, but this set of faces was so darn cute we couldn’t resist. They work as stress balls that make it feel like you’re squeezing a cute baby’s face, and make equally chic coffee table art.




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