10 Of The Most Bizarre Celebrity Phobias

We all have a few phobias and fears. Part of it can probably be traced back to our ancestors. Being scared of vicious animals, falling from great heights or even the dark (who knows what’s hiding in there?) probably helped our species survive to this point.

However, there are some phobias which seem to go beyond any sort of logic or reason. From looking in the mirror to house plants, these ten celebrities have some of the most bizarre phobias around. In a way we feel sorry for them for having such fears, but we are sure glad we don’t suffer from the same concerns.

Madonna – Thunder (“Tonitrophobia”)

It’s hard to imagine the queen of pop (and probably one of Lady Gaga’s biggest influences) being scared of anything. We suppose being scared of loud noises isn’t too weird, we just struggle to see a woman of Madonna’s calibre cowering at anything.

Hilary Duff – Dirt (“Mysophobia”)

We take back the bit about how these phobias seem a bit out of the ordinary. Dirt contains germs and there are some pretty nasty illnesses that come from germs. We bet Hilary Duff didn’t play around on the grass much as a kid.

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