10 Crazy Natural Mysteries From Australia


In 2009, a new megavirus emerged in Chile and because it was so strong and had absolutely nothing in common with the rest of the known viruses it was called the pandoravirus. Then in 2011, Melbourne housed a new version of the virus that after a series of tests has proved to be 93 percent unknown to scientists. This makes the origins of the virus a mystery. The size of the virus is maybe the most shocking part, as it’s twice as large as the previous record-holder.

Tree Lobsters

Tree lobsters are the largest stick insects on Earth that live on Lord Howe Island. The species were thought to be extinct since 1920 but were found in 2001. There were only 24 individual tree insects alive, but what’s the biggest mystery is how they survived. There’s yet no answer explaining how they endured for decades in such a limited environment.

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