10 Crazy Natural Mysteries From Australia

Australia’s unique natural world is rich with mysteries that still baffle scientists to this day. The mysteries remain unsolved even though they are everywhere you look – in the sky and in the animals, sometimes in the ground and in the plants. Australia is one giant mystery on its own. Scientists will probably manage to solve all the mysteries some day but the fact they are yet to do it makes it all the fun. Tarantula villages and weird magnetic termites will blow your mind. We’ve gathered the ten uttermost crazy mysteries in our list below.

Magnetic Termites

An Australian mystery that still stands is in the huge termite hills that actually perform as a compass. Termites in the rural Northern Territory construct their monolithic towers in a north-south alignment and the mounds make a weird sort of sight that resemble giant tombstones.

Min Min Lights

The Min Min lights have been called one of Australia’s most wonderful and biggest mysteries. The local population in Channel Country, Queensland, have been aware of the Min Min lights for more than six decades. One of the most popular theories is that these ghost lights are a version of fata morgana.

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